Faculty of social sciences
University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava


Faculty of Social Sciences was established on December 1, 2011 as the fourth faculty of the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. After five years of existence it has become an integral part of the university and one of the leading educational and scientific institutions not only in Trnava academic area. The mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences is to provide higher education in the field of social sciences focused on technical, scientific and practical development of knowledge and skills not only to students but also to workers in the domestic and international environment.


Faculty of Social Sciences focuses on teaching and research in social sciences, with the emphasis on political science, European studies, public administration, public policy and social services and counseling. The faculty has modern facilities with excellent technical equipment. It provides a comprehensive study on all three levels, studying also in a foreign language, lectures by renowned national and foreign experts, internships and workshops and linking theoretical knowledge with practice. Study programs of the faculty effectively respond to the demands of society in terms of preparing qualified professionals for the current labor market. Graduates can work in state and local administration, in various national and international organizations and institutions.

Currently the faculty provides a wide range of full and part time study programs on bachelor level: public administration, European studies, political science, social services and counseling, management of social services, management of public administration, on master level: public administration, public policy, European studies, political science, social services and counseling and on doctoral level: European Studies, public policy and public administration and social policy. The Faculty has the right to conduct habilitation procedure and procedure for the appointment of professors in public policy and public administration that the faculty obtained as the first ever institution in Slovakia.


Faculty of Social Sciences consists of three departments. Educational and professional activities of the faculty help not only students but also representatives of towns and municipalities to overcome the most diverse problems of a public nature. Faculty of Social Sciences publishes peer-reviewed scientific journals Slovak Revue for Public Policy and Public Administration and Slovak Political Science Revue and co-publishes the journal European Journal of Transformation Studies.

Departments participate in the solution of many domestic and foreign projects. The most important projects are successfully solved by 7 RP EC MYPLACE Democracy and the shadows of totalitarianism and populism: the European experience and MYWEB Measuring Youth Well-Being. Currently, the faculty has participated in a unique project of the European Union aimed at education Erasmus +/ Jean Monnet Chair on: Migration: A challenge European countries.


Faculty of Social Sciences is a member of the most prestigious international political science association IPSA in which it actively participates in the development of science and international cooperation. In November 2016 the faculty signed a partnership agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) with the European Organization for Public Law (European Public Law Organization), which aims to develop scientific, academic and other forms of cooperation such as student and teacher mobility, publications, organization of conferences and seminars.

In 2014 the Slovak society for public administration at the Slovak Academy of Science as a voluntary association of scientists and professionals in the field of public policy and public administration and related disciplines was founded. Its office is registered at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Trnava.


Faculty of Social Sciences participated in the project University of the Third Age, through which it offers citizens the opportunity for further education and positive social inclusion.

The summer holiday Children's University project is also very popular. Its content and thematic framework is tailored to the interests and needs of children in order to bring them to life at the university and individual faculties.

The faculty participates in the exchange program Erasmus+ and cooperates with many European and world universities, scientific institutions and international organizations.

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences live a rich student life. Every year they can participate in exciting professional, cultural and sporting events organized by the faculty in the spirit of ancient ideas of Kalokagatia expressing the connection of education with sport and culture.

The Faculty of Social Sciences publicly presents a bold ambition to become a leader in the field in order to highlight the opportunities and prospects for improvement in favor of their own activities in the field of education, science and research with a focus on regional development and growth of the educational level as well as scientific and technological progress.





  Statute of Faculty of Sociual Science UCM 
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