Trnava: The Best City For Students

Population: 65, 382 inhabitants (info from December 31st, 2017)
Area: 71,54 km2
Number of universities in Trnava: 3 (approximately 13,000 university students)
TRNAVA is located approximately 50 km from Bratislava, so it will take you
around 30 minutes to get there by car, using D1 highway. There are good public transport connections (train, bus), too. Iťs particularly famous for having many churches, earning thanks to them its nickname ‚Little Rome‘.
Trnava was the first town in Slovakia which was granted the privileges of a free royal town (1238). It was also the town that provided temporary shelter to the Archbishop of Esztergom and his Chapter, and where they remained for the next three hundred years.
Trnava, at the intersection of ancient trade routes, is the place where numerous renowned Slovak and foreign architects, builders, sculptors and painters have created a significant number of architectural gems, both religious and mundane. The centre of the town is a varied mixture of all architectural styles from the Romanesque through the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque up to the Modern style. These attractive historical sites together constitute a remarkable urban unit which was once declared as an urban monument reserve.

Trnava was the first privileged royal town in Slovakia. You can see here unique religious sights and get a glimpse of the Middle Ages when walking through its historical streets.
Trnava is city of 3 universities, full of students and young people. There are lots of coffee bars, restaurants, dance and music clubs, pubs. There are also lots of opportunities for sports and active leisure time. Thaťs right, lots of cute hipster hangouts have been established in Trnava. lf hipsters are your crowd, do not miss a recently opened cultural center.

Local transport, basic ticket (single): from 0.50 to 1.40 € Local transport, monthly ticket/travel pass: from 20 €
Bratislava – Košice, 445 km: from 21 €
Bratislava – Žilina, 203 km: from 9.50 €
Bratislava – Banská Bystrica, 230 km: from 10 €
Bratislava – Košice: from 18,50 €
Bratislava – Žilina: from 10 €
Bratislava – Banská Bystrica: from 10 €
Taxi within Trnava:
from 1.99 €
Petrol per litre: from 1.30 €
Diesel per litre: from 1.20 €
Having Fun
Movie ticket: 3 – 8 €
Museum ticket: from 2 €
Theatre ticket: 3.50 – 20 € for drama,
4 – 35 € for opera and ballet
Fitness centre ticket: from 3 €
Swimming pool ticket: from 1.50 €
Rent a bike: from 8.80 € per day

Where to eat

Students coming to Trnava will not be disappointed with the meals offered in the student restaurant „TOP RELAX“, Námestie Jozefa Herdu 2, Trnava. It offers a varied menu consisting of soup, main courses, salads and drinks. Every day there are four main types of meals (meats, pastries, vegetables, healthy food).
Every day lunch starts at 10:30 and the price is 1,95€ / lunch. It is necessary to buy lunch tickets of at least 5 at a time. Also there is an open buffet which includes freshly packed baguettes, toasted breads, gyros, pastries, vegetable, pasta or fruit salads, desserts and a wide range of sweet and salty snacks and drinks. The buffet opens every day at 08:00.

How to spend your free time?
Trnava offers many opportunities to spend leisure time, including sport activities, cinemas, theatre and many cafes, bars and restaurants. Walking around the city is an interesting experience thanks to its architecture and beautiful square. Often you can see people riding bicycles through the city, which is a typical means of transport for many of them.
There are also many fitness centres, swimming pools and wellness, too. In the evenings or during weekends students usually meet in local cafes or bars. Some of them are „Čajka“ „Cerveza“ „Art klub“, „Partizáni“ or „Raspberry“. It is typical also to take breakfast in one of the cafes in the city centre, for example in „Thalmeiner“ or „Synagoga Café“.
The university often organizes events for students such as breakfasts, trips,
parties, thematical days, festivals, balls, conferences or sport activities. At the university you can spend your free and study time in the newly opened student zone equipped with a kitchen.

Important telephone numbers
Fire and rescue service, police: 112
Fire service: 150, 1 12
Rescue service: 1 55, 112
Police: 158, 1 12
City Police: 1 59
Railway station Trnava: +421 2 448 581 88
Bus station Trnava: +421 900 218 222
Airport M. R. Štefánika Bratislava: +421 2 330 333 53
Taxi: +421 908 939 393 (smart 33 16 444 (Yellow 940 747 474 (Team taxi)
Foreign police: +421 961 106 152, Paulinská street 506/13, 917 01 Trnava

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